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Our Focus lies on quality combined with the right branding to ensure that your product has the right packing appearance that aligns with its identity.

We focus on strengthening the identity of our customers. Our business, visualizing and refining brands, rests on six pillars: design, product development, production, sustainability, logistics and global presence. With these building blocks, we create a offering with optimal solutions to help our customers and their brands develop. We deliver top-quality products along with excellent service and expertise for an optimal branding and packing sensation.

  • --- Tape
  • --- Cardboard
  • --- branding boxes
  • --- Bag in box
  • --- decals
  • --- Labels, tags and buttons
  • --- boxes
  • --- internet packaging
Labels +

Everything for packaging

Luxury packaging and branding boxes

  • Luxueus

    Luxury packaging can offer clear added value for your product. They stand out on the shelf and help your product stand out from the rest. Moreover, with luxury packaging you can appeal to your (potential) customers in different ways. Think of custom packaging that looks like a real gift when the customer opens it. The options for luxury packaging are endless. You can choose from different printing options, paper types, relief, structure, and special finishes such as spot varnish, embossing or hot-foil. You can also provide the packaging with special closures, such as a magnetic closure. This way you emphasize the quality level of your product even more.

  • Branding boxes

    A branding box is a special packaging that companies use to strengthen their brand identity and leave a lasting impression on customers. A branding box is more than just packaging; it's an opportunity to present your brand in a positive way and engage customers.


Discover the company that specializes in revealing your true colors by generating corporate brand labels.

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When properly attached and combined, they will mark and justify the brand origins, owners, authenticity and destiny.

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@Fenka we create and produce all the necessary items to identify your brand. We design, create, rethink and produce on all necessary materials.

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We are proud of our long-term customer relationships and all our various co-creative projects. They prove us right in our belief that being part of the brand is the only justified way to label a brand.

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